About Us


Scrubd Up is a small business located in Sydney, Australia, run by me, Taleisha. 

Im a registered nurse who after finishing her university degree wanted to start a fun new project, because well.. uni just wasn't enough.

And well here we are...

​I loooove to get creative and decided I wanted to create some beautiful products in line with my career choice; scrub tops, badge reels & reference cards. I hope that over time we bring you even larger ranges of these products and soo much more. 

Its been an incredible journey just to get to the starting line of launching Scrubd Up and I'm so excited to grow with each and everyone of you reading this, to provide Aussies like you, with the useful, relatable and beautiful products at your fingertips. 

Thankyou for supporting small Aussie businesses. 

Now... Lets get you Scrubd Up.